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About Us

Apple International was established in March 2014 by Mr Anilbhai Patel.
Mr Patel saw that the people of Patan district and the surrounding area have to look out for many travel related needs in Ahmedabad or other major cities. In these cities, economic and time-consuming devastation is possible for people from small towns to walk or get information.

There is also no guarantee that people can get reliable services. Also, there are many problems faced by these students who want to go abroad to create their future from such a rural area. Seeing all this, Mr Patel, a merciful and visionary, took the decision that nowadays he has to do something to rescue the people of such small towns and students from falling short of difficulties. He immediately established Apple International in Patan in 2014 with his intellectual capacity. Which has become a reliable place for Patan and the surrounding people, hundreds of people have taken great advantage and are taking it as well.

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